What's New
  • 31/08/2005 - Event Logger 0.1 available
  • 22/08/2005 - Third pre-release XPI available
  • 18/08/2005 - Second pre-release XPI available
  • 30/07/2005 - First pre-release XPI available
  • 15/07/2005 - Event Logger project launched on MozDev
Other Stuff

About Event Logger

The Event Logger project aims to create an advanced macro and testcase system for Firefox, mainly tailored towards the testing and QA community. Event Logger will record user events within Mozilla Firefox to assist in producing and replaying a set of reproducable steps for triggering a bug.

The main benefits to the Mozilla Firefox community will be:

  1. Helping testers to identify the minimum steps required to reproduce a bug and verify it quickly without mistakes (caused by misinterpretation).
  2. Allowing for faster regression testing.

Install Event Logger

The first release (with playback functionality hidden, since it isn't functioning properly) can be found here.
If the link above does not work, try this one

In both cases, you'll need Deer Park Alpha 2 or Firefox 1.5b or higher.

What's in the current version?

Current features include:

Short-term future

Playback is currently a work in progress. If you're interested in helping with development, please contact me via the mailing list. Flip the hidden pref eventlogger.playbackEnabled to true if you want to check out the UI / debug.

The eventlogger project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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